Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's New in Gardening?

The 2011 Connecticut Flower Show is over, and what did I learn?

  • That more gardeners each year are interested in growing organically, the way our grandparents did.
  • That water gardening, be it pond, waterfall, stream, etc. is still HUGE.
  • That hellebore seems to be the plant of choice for 2011.
  • That there's real concern about invasive species, such as Japanese knotweed, bittersweet and garlic mustard.
  • That there are 5 million gardening-related products to sell to winter-weary gardeners.
The best product I saw, and acquired this year at the Show is the Grass Stitcher,, an easy-to-use, ergonomic, durable lawn aerator. I'm always on the lookout for products that make life in the garden easier, and I think this is a winner. I'll be reporting in as the season progresses.

We still have a couple of feet of frozen snow on the garden, so spring work hasn't yet begun.
But the white stuff is melting slowly in the moderating weather, so it doesn't appear we'll have floods, and for that we thank Mother Nature.

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  1. Hi - I wanted to check in to find out how your grass stitcher purchase went ? Did you find the product to work as advertised and would you recommend it to fellow gardeners ? Thanks. Chris.