Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Where'd the Years Go?

It's a blustery day; the world outside my frosted front door is still with anticipation of the snow, sleet and freezing rain the weather people have promised us. Nary a car is sliding down the street, but birds are busy at the feeder and squirrels are leaping snowbanks in a single bound to hog the cracked corn and sunflower seed.

My 62nd birthday is today. Mother used to say I was born amidst a snowstorm in '49. But I haven't had such weather on this day in years. In fact, I recall birthdays when I've been out on the lawn picking up sticks in preparation for opening the gardening season. Not so in 2011!

Such a winter day is perfect, however, for reviewing my old garden diaries. And that brings to mind the origins of my gardening passion. As the years fade into one another it's more difficult to remember just how I started, just which plants and plant categories were important to me decades ago. I'm glad I wrote a book regarding some of my gardening memories....Mentors in the Garden of Life helps preserve them for me and for others.

An introspective, retrospective day. We need these upon occasion in our busy lives, and I'm grateful to Mother Nature for forcing one upon me on my birthday.

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