Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Far be it from me to complain about a real New England's been much too long since we've had such a beast, but this one qualifies. December was bitter cold; the temperature seldom rose above freezing, and the past 3 weeks brought some 40" of snow. The path down the front walk is more like a tunnel, and forget about the the's completely disappeared.

I worry about the wild birds in such weather. So I've been scattering a rich mixture of black oil sunflower seeds, raisens, safflower seeds, etc on the front steps, since I can't actually reach the feeder itself. I filled the green hopper just before the latest snow salvo, and it'll last a few more days, at which point I'll have to strap on some snowshoes and attend to replenishing it.

The snow is so close to the hopper, in fact, that the squirrels have figured out how to grab their disproportionate share. Oh well, they're hungry too. We're regularly visited by juncos, cardinals, wrens, titmouse, chickadees, several types of woodpeckers, and sparrows, as well as the darn squirrels.

Today I trudged through waist-deep fluff out to the feeder and birdbath on the back deck to refill the tube and assure that the heater was keeping water available to my avian friends.

My hope is that we all are paying attention to the birds in this harsh winter. If we want birds in the garden come spring, they need our help now.

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