Monday, October 25, 2010

There's still color in the garden!

My great gardening friend Paul Young likes to gently tease me about the importantce I attach to color in the garden. It's true, I live for color, and even this late in the season there's plenty of it.
This photo was taken this morning. Notice the orange of the amelanchier, the russet of the Japanese maple and the still-vibrant green of the forest grass. Is your eye caught by the last blooms on the roses and the purple/red of the hydrangea? Me too. Are you drawn to the depths of the surrounding forest? I am.
Adding to the garden color are fallen leaves on the chestnut-brown mulch. Nature's bounty, scattered around the beds and borders, but soon to be gathered and added to the compost pile, which grows to some 10' tall this time of year. But first it's fun to scuff through them on the grass paths through the garden.
A northeast garden offers color even this deep into autumn. The beauty of the land is all around us.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

An Interesting Begonia

This strange looking begonia has lived on my patio all season long. I purchased it at Shakespeare's Garden in Brookfield (my favorite nursery) in June. It's done quite nicely on my semi-shaded patio, and put out numerous sprays of tiny white flowers. Truth be told, I didn't know it was a begonia when I first spied it. No matter.

It's done so well all summer that it's going to be one of the few plants I'll save over the winter. Come the cold weather, most patio plants get pulled up and relegated to the compost pile. This guy looks so handsome in his terra-cotta pot that I just gotta give him a winter home.

Now, if I can just find out his name! Anyone out there have a clue?