Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pinky Winky

Such a cute name, but I'm not sure where the title comes from. Is there a cartoon character who shares this moniker? A stuffed animal? A kid's book?

Whatever. The hydrangea paniculata 'Pinky Winky' is a grand charmer. At maturity he'll be some 6' - 7' tall and wide, but he's already spectacular. Those strong red stems! Those HUGE (up to 16") flower panicles that start off white, and turn pink at the base for a two-toned treat! The graceful habit, imposing presence, long bloom, and drought resistance all combine to make this a favorite.

A Proven Winners shrub, it's been in my front walk garden for three years now, (starting off as a mere twig) and I delight in seeing it as I walk up to the front door from the driveway or step out in the morning to get the daily paper.

Only once has Pinky been nipped by deer, but I'm forewarned, so now I apply deer repellent once per week, at the same time the stuff goes on the hosta, phlox, etc.

'Pinky Winky' has earned a place in my heart. True, he'll soon be too big for my Front Walk Garden and so will have to have a place in another of my gardens, but I'll still cherish him even when he's further away.


  1. When my children were young there was this awful show called the Teletubbies. They had television screens in their stomachs and didn't speak - nothing coherent anyway. There was Pinky-Winky plus 4 others who's names I can't, thankfully, remember

  2. That was Tinky Winky