Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Publicity is Hard Work!

For most of my adult life I'd wanted to write a book. I write for magazines, do a weekly garden column, keep a garden journal, and have a couple of novels "in the drawer" (never sold). But tah-dah! This past May my garden memoir, Mentors in the Garden of Life was published. Such a thrill! Such a lot of hard work writing it and getting it birthed!

Little did I know the real work was just starting.

Nowadays, most publishing houses do very little to publicize books, especially books by new authors, or books with a perceived "small" audience. So publicity is up to the author. And it's an arduous task. It takes time to make contacts at bookstores and libraries & request a book signing or talk. (and we are often rebuffed). It takes knowledge and time to reach out to venues which may or may not want to interview us or review our book. It takes courage and money to send out review copies to people who may or may not review us, or review us kindly.

Add to all this the the fact that it seems fewer and fewer folk read books anymore, and it's an uphill job to publicize one's own book. I mean, how often and for how long does one blow one's own horn? Which PR overtures are likely to pay off? Who knows!?

But the only way word about my book, or any book is going to get out there is to keep on trying. So each day I try to make at least one outreach, one contact. I know Mentors in the Garden of Life is an interesting, well-written book, one with stories, messages, garden info, and life lessons. I'd like it to have a decent chance Out There. So I'll keep slugging away.

You can help. Consider purchasing my garden memoir either from me ( or or come to my book talk/signings. I'll be at Southbury Borders on Saturday, July 24th, and Danbury Borders on Saturday, August 21.

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