Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The allee of crabapples along my front walk bloomed early, like everything else this crazy spring. There are three of the small flowering trees. The first, an unknown cultivar, was a Mother's Day present some 15 years ago and I don't know its name, but like the rest, it's disease-resistant, floriferous, and fruit-bearing.

The second, 'Prairie Fire' blooms a pretty pink, and bears round red fruits that the birds quickly devour, often before they fully ripen.

The picture is a closeup of the third crabapple, 'Scarlet Brandywine'. My favorite, its bloom is double and fragrant, and the fruit is large and orange.

Crabapples, especially the newer disease-resistant ones, give three seasons of interest. The often-reddish leaves, the magnificent flowers, and the fruit, which nourishes both the birds and our souls.

Gardening in concert with Mother Nature. It's the best.

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