Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Late-Winter Chores

I do think it's coming. Spring, that is. The equinox is approaching, the ground is thawing, and the garden work beckons. In between the raindrops, I've been out in the Front Walk Garden, chopping down the ornamental grasses, and the Patio Garden, cutting the sedum stalks. I've deer-repelled, leaf-lifted and cut forsythia for forcing. I've eyeballed pruning needs and spent a moment in the gazebo. I've offered my garden for the June 5th Garden Tour.

The compost pile, swollen with offerings, is huge and ripe. The new pile, started with Christmas paper, beer cartons and cardboard, is layered with garden gleanings, sawdust and treasure from the old pile. What a delight to pitchfork last year's compost and see how it's turning into riches! The earthy smell, the magic of turning nothing into something. Is there anything better than composting?

Ah, but other chores call. The high winds and rain of the past few days have left white pine cones scattered on the grass. I need to pull out the snowplow driveway markers. I need to find my tools, straighten the shed and assess the vole damage. I need to lay in my supplies of Milorganite and Holly-tone and potting soil. (Agway, here I come!)

I try to spend at least an hour outdoors these fine cool days. To breathe the air, hear the birds sing, and watch Mother Nature work her alchemy on the earth.

What about you?

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