Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Brush Piles and Christmas Trees

Our Fraser fir did a yoeman's job this Christmas, evoking the spirit of togetherness and providing backdrop to our revelries. And though it was festooned with lights, we never got around to draping it with ornaments or tinsel. Oh well. We had a lovely Christmas anyway, with Courtney home for a 2-week sojourn from China, and Kyle dropping in frequently from his home on the other side of Bethel. Eddie was in Florida; we missed him for the holiday, but we had a nice visit from him and Esther in November.

The Christmas tree is now ready to serve another purpose. Shorn of lights, it's off to one of the brush piles on the edge of the woods. There it'll join the other Christmas trees from previous years, as well as assorted cut shrubbery and saplings that we allow to accumulate in these spots. There are now three brush piles, each some 4-5' high, and each providing shelter to a variety of wildlife.

Sometimes it's unwise to be too tidy a gardener; it's important to think of the other creatures who dwell on this fragile planet with us.

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