Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bees and Birds

Today I'm writing my weekly newspaper column; this one's on beekeeping. I'm learning as I go, & interviewing my pal Peter Philip, who's kept bees for decades. Thinking about flowers which attract bees makes me long for warm weather.

And I'm watching the birds out my front window. The main birdfeeder is visible if I peer over the top of my computer; I can see the redbellied woodpeckers at the suet, the jays crowding the smaller wrens and juncos, and the brilliant scarlet of the male cardinals against the green of the hopper.
This morning it was 5 degrees on my back porch, so when I went to retrieve my News-Times, I scattered a birdseed mix rich in black oil sunflower seed on the sidewalk. That allows the groundfeeders to get their share, and the seed does double duty as an anti-skid substance.

However, I'll have to be sure to apply organic Preen as a preemergent come late March, so all the seed not eaten by by bird visitors doesn't germinate into weeds.

In the meantime, the birds and I are muddling through the deep cold of the winter of '09-'10.

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