Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Rescue Story

There are many inexpensive ways for a gardener to increase her stock. Seed-starting, plant exchange, division, Garden Club plant sales, etc. Another technique I've used successfully is rescuing church plants.

Especially at Easter, but at other times, too, there are apt to be leftover potted plants that once graced the altar. If they're orphans, it might be possible for you to give them a new home. Just ask. Better they should be given a chance in the garden than deposited into the Dumpster.

In this way I've successfully grown on pansies, daffodils, (pass on the tulips; they're not likely to do well) hydrangeas (not always hardy, though), grape hyacinths, and my most spectacular effort, Easter Lilies.

A couple of years in a row, forlorn lilies have been left at my church, Bethel United Methodist, after Easter celebrations. The plants look quite bedraggled after several weeks of sitting in a confining container. But I toted them home, planted in a sunny, well-drained site, and watered well. My reward has been many fragrant blooms on sturdy plants that light up the early July garden.

Now if I can just keep them from the voles!

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