Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rain Woes

I never thought I'd say this in all my born days, but Enough Already With the Rain. 'Course, I'm pretty sure I caused this debacle with my News-Times column back in what, April, when I bemoaned how far the Northeast was under for rainfall, year-to-date. Last time I ever do that!

We're all struggling. From the waterlogged pots to the bumper crop of slugs to the rot on the roses, it's a monsoon season. I've been gardening seriously for 30-some years and according to my garden diaries, we've never seen the like. If it would just pour down once a week or so, that'd be fine. But No, we have at least a daily dribble.

What's a gardener to do? First, be philosophic. One of my gardening beliefs is that I'm gonna lose 15% of all I grow, each and ever year. This year it's due to rain. Other years it might be voles, or (god forbid!) deer. Relax, it's going to happen.

Second, appreciate the situation. Our plants ARE getting watered, and not by us. Our ponds ARE full, thanks to the heavens. Our reservoirs ARE running over, so no worries there. Transplant season HAS lasted waaay longer than usual due to the damp earth.

When you're a gardener you go with the flow. That's never been truer than this year.

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