Saturday, July 18, 2009

Queen of the Prairie

The filipendula's gotta go. I've given it several years, at least 5 or 6. Oh, it blooms beautifully, right along with the astilbe, hydrangeas and veronica, and before the Joe Pye. It looks terrific from above as one gazes down on the backyard garden from the screen porch. And close up, those fluffy pink heads are downright yummy. It's easy to grow, nothing declares it dinner, and filipendula reproduces like a rabbit.

Problem is, it's too tall and in need of too much sun for my ever-shadier backyard garden. At 6', she's truly a queen, but she dominates the hosta, rose, rudbeckia, and whatever else I have down there. She drapes over them, hogging precious light and air. Time to move on, madame. And this time I mean it. I'd removed clumps before, but clearly a clean slate is needed. Of course, next I'l be faced with the delightful problem of what to plant in the space. How about that new huge hosta, 'Sum of All'? Or maybe some tall, late astilbe. I could fit in another hydrangea....

Whatever. Next spring, my gardening friends, be on the lookout for many pots of my well-grown but unlamented filipendula at the Bethel Garden Club plant sale.

You'll get a beautiful bargain.

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