Monday, July 6, 2009

New in the Garden This Year

I encourage fellow gardeners to try new things each year. That's one way to grow as a gardener, keeping things interesting, challenging and vibrant. This year, for instance, I'm trying a pretty plant I saw in my friend Kathy's garden. It blooms with a cluster of magenta flowers on a 12" stalk, likes sun, and is a ready self-sower. Now, magenta is my favorite color, and self-sowers are a favored type of plant. I had to have some! Kathy didn't know the name, but gifted me several basal rosettes, which I transplanted into my mailbox garden. Then the search was on for what the heck the plant was. I enlisted the aid of my gardening friend Alice, to whom the plant looked familiar, but neither she nor I could come up with the name.

Thank goodness for the Internet! Since the plant resembled rose campion in some ways, I typed that in, examined the pictures, re-examined a bloom stalk I'd picked, and shortly came up with an answer---my new acquisition was indeed a relative of rose campion; German catchfly. It's pretty, and prolific. I'll have to watch its manners, so that it doesn't overrun its designated place, but I'm happy to have it.

Other newbies to me this year are dragon wing begonia, hakonechloa 'Evergold' and astilbe 'Maggie Daley'.

Gotta keep things fresh!

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