Sunday, July 12, 2009

July presents a jumble of glorious flowers and shrubs. Hydrangea, hostas, daylillies, annuals, lilies, astilbe, monarda, roses, gypsophilia and many more. It's a visual feast. I like to have my first cup of coffee on the deck at daybreak, looking out over the backyard garden. Even the birds aren't really astir, but that's when I edit with my eyes. The filipendula is too big, needs to come out next year. The coneflower isn't getting enough sun, what can I put there instead? The astilbe has outdone itself this summer, especially the 'Visions' series. So on and so forth. Then I retreat to my green wicker chair on the screen porch, pen in hand, and write it all down in my garden diary.

Perhaps the changes will get done, perhaps not. It's fun to ponder and plan. And to read what I've written. One of my favorite pasttimes is perusing old entries in my garden diaries. What was I doing in the yard this week last year? How did I combat the groundhogs the year they attacked the morning glories? When did the mulch finally run out in '07?

In another post I'll discuss my ever-growing appreciation for hostas, a gift from my great gardening buddy, Paul Young. Suffice it to say that no gardener with shade should be without hosta. The cultivar pictured above is 'Pandora's Box', in flower. A petite beauty, she adorns the edge of my 'Believe' patch, named after a stepping-stone given to me by Muriel.

There's a wealth of subject matter for a garden blogger during the month of July. But one must be selective with topics. Just as the gardener cannot grow everything she lusts after, I can't write about every plant that takes my breath away this month.

We'll have to make do with Pandora.

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