Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Electric Lawnmower

We've had the same old gasoline-powered, fume-spewing, bombastic lawnmower since we moved into our home some 17 years ago. I'd cringe each time I dragged it out of the shed to cut our (increasingly smaller) patch of lawn. Last year I tried to find one of the new battery operated mowers, to no avail. Before I purchased one, I wanted to pat it down, heft it, etc.

I couldn't find one. Anywhere. But late in autumn, I was given an corded electric mower, one that wasn't being used. I was eager to try it out this spring. Here's my verdict:

'Tis a good thing! It's lightweight, quieter than the old mower, (though not as quiet as I thought it'd be) and does a respectable job of cutting the grass. It turns easily, mulches, and starts with no effort whatsoever.

There is one drawback. That cord. I need a humongous extension cord in order to reach all corners of my yard. That means that this spatially-challenged laborer must constantly figure out where the cord is, so I don't exterminate it by running over it. I also have to roll it up, guy-fashion, after each use, since it's no good to me in a snarled mess. I'm getting better.

And one more thing; hose guards are a must, so the taut cord doesn't destroy various plants and shrubs.

All in all, I'm pleased. Our mower no longer emits noxious gasoline fumes each time I mow the lawn; the neighborhood is quieter, and I feel quite righteous.

But I'm still looking for the battery-operated mower. Or perhaps I'll consider one of those new reel types. I hear they cut pretty sharp and are lightweight.

Stay tuned!

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  1. The old fashion reel-type mower are the best for cutting lawns. They "cut" the grass blade rather then shred the blade of grass resulting in less chance of introducing a disease. Besides, the reel-type mower allows one to have a nice work-ending dessert without having guilt!