Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Work Table

Like most gardeners, this is an exceedingly busy time. April is transplant month, begin-to-mulch month, make-the-lists month, start-to-weed month, etc, etc. One of my favorite things to also do is pot up garden surplus for the Bethel Garden Club Plant Sale, to be held this year on the morning of the 16th of May, at the old Train Station.

Garden Club plant sales are a win-win for all involved. The gardener gets to thin out the herd, the purchaser obtains plants guaranteed to grow, because they were just dug up from a local garden. Town beautification projects benefit from the proceeds. And the prices! You'll not find a better deal.

But it can be a lot of backbreaking work readying potted homes for all those little lilacs, buddleia, forget-me-nots, columbine, and assorted other beauties. It's no fun to be bent over pots and soil and little plants in the hot sun. So several years ago I asked Jerry to fix me up a temporary potting area under the deck. For the month of April I store all the fixins ---pots, soil, scoops, water, plants, etc. The table is simply a piece of plywood placed on two sawhorses, oriented so I can see out over my Patio and Backyard gardens. I can listen to the finches while I divide the peonies. The first butterflies waft while I pot up the buddleia. And at the end of the month, POOF! The whole mess goes away, I get out my hammock, sweep away the mess, and enjoy my scant leisure time.

I rest secure in the knowledge that I've prepared some 50 (sometimes more!) choice plants from my garden for their new homes, and in the process, supported both my Garden Club and my town.

What could be better?

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