Monday, March 16, 2009

Opening Day!

Temperatures above 50 and a smattering of sunshine found me yesterday in the garden, proceeding with opening-the-season chores. I cut some branches of forsythia to force. (the hope is they'll adorn the tables at the next Bethel United Methodist Church Pasta Dinner, on the 28th. We'll see if Nature cooperates) Next, I dragged out some big bags of potting soil that I'd been stockpiling and started filling patio pots. The done compost is thawed, so first the pots were half filled with that black gold. The pansies will be available soon at the markets, and I want to be prepared. I'll put some Soil-Moist in before I plant, and the pots of pansies, with some deadheading and murdering of slugs, will last until July 1.

Next I carefully cut away the old leaves from my hellebores, which are about to burst into bloom. For those of you who follow my gardening column in the News-Times, look for more information this Friday on Lenten Roses.

Kyle then helped me to haul the 30-gallon garbage can of winter compost down to my new compost pile which Don so gleefully referenced in a comment a week ago. The accumulated frozen slurry is now at work, jumpstarting a new pile.

And, I raked some on the lawn. I like to give the grass a good massage with a wide rake in early spring. It removes the leaves, twigs and dead grasses, and provides me with an aerobic workout. Not all the lawn is dry enough to work, however, so I'll take it in stages. The rakings, of course, go into the compost.

All this took me about 2 hours. Then I replaced my tools, peeled off my muddy gloves and went inside to jot down my endeavors in this year's garden diary. Got to keep track!


  1. Hello. Im Abby and I love gardening. I have a beautiful garden and I basicly spend my life there. It took 2 1/2 years to get it that way but now I feel its worth it.

  2. The sign of a real gardener, patience!