Saturday, January 3, 2009

Garden Catalogues

At 2:30 yesterday afternoon I dropped my busy schedule of de-Christmasing the house, fixed a mug of cocoa, and settled into my favorite armchair with a pack of sticky notes and a grateful sigh.

The White Flower Farm spring catalogue had arrived.

Now, I do find WFF a bit overpriced, but their offerings are varied, the prose breezy, and the pictures, delectable. And they're from my corner of the world, just a bit north of here, in Litchfield, CT. My modus operandi with each of my favorite catalogues is to savor every page, circling plants such as hibiscus 'Sugar Tip' and buddleia 'Lo and Behold' that I planted last year and need to know more about. I note that such old favorites as hydrangea 'Preziosa' are back. I scan the annuals, and how they're grouped in pots. I chuckle at how expensive self sowers such as cleome and verbena bonariensis are this year. I jot musings on wished-for plants in my garden journal. The sticky notes mark catalogue pages to which I plan to return, and I've learned to write on the stickies what it is that's caught my attention. After half an hour or so the catalogue, now somewhat resembling a porcupine, goes on the shelf with other "keepers". This untidy bundle includes Bluestone Perennials , known for their impressive yet inexpensive selection of perennials; and of course, Park Seed, , and Burpee from whom I order many of the seed packets I use each year. ( This year I'm contemplating 'Heavenly Blue' morning glories, cardinal climber, and snapdragon 'Rocket'.)

Yes, the garden catalogues allow us to enter a different world on these deep winter days. A world where the ground is not frozen, where the deer turn up their snouts at our yard, and and where gardening dreams come true.

Bring 'em on!

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  1. Hi, Colleen:
    you might want to check the bluestone website because when I clicked on it, an unrelated page came up(credit, travel, whatever).
    Hope you are having a lovely day.